Madison, WI. (February 13, 2018) In line with their company mission to "invest in [their] therapists” and to continuously be "guided by [their] set of core values: Trust, Respect and Support,” DotCom Therapy founder, Rachel Robinson, announced Monday the newest initiative: the DotCom Therapy Clubhouse.  Establishing a place for DotCom Therapists to feel a sense of community and team pride, the Clubhouse offers collaboration, merchandise, mentorship, and therapy resources.

Robinson started DotCom Therapy (DCT) to address the pervasive shortage of therapists, but also wanted to create a company that would be a great place for therapists to work. As a certified speech-language pathologist herself, Robinson lacked a sense of community and company pride working in the traditional field of therapy. The Clubhouse "is a place to engage in multidisciplinary collaboration, get to know fellow therapists, take pride in the company’s brand, and access all available resources” notes Robinson. Their motivation to roll out the Clubhouse stemmed from their own experiences and their belief in Helen Keller’s notion that "alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  

When a DotCom therapist logs on to the Clubhouse, they have a variety of options available to them. On one page, DCT therapists can learn about the mentors, see who is accepting mentees and find specific mentorship in an area of need. Robinson explains the simple process: "Need help with a bilingual student? Query bilingual services and it will find you a mentor that can help.”  Back at the homepage, therapists can navigate to shop for branded items like sweatshirts, t-shirts, coffee cups, and water bottles. Another link takes therapists to access and order protocols for testing. Soon, therapists will have a chance to sell their custom, curated materials and resources in the marketplace.

One of the greatest features of the new DotCom Therapy Clubhouse is the multidisciplinary Collaboration Corner. Here, therapists can share their favorite resources which, according to Robinson include "apps, TPT, websites, Youtube videos, and more.” Each resource is sorted by discipline and targeted goal, allowing easy access and sorting for therapists. Therapists also have access to download DCT documents and e-books including the company constitution.

The DotCom Therapy Clubhouse is a one stop shop for DCT therapists. In addition to the resources previously listed, therapists can use the Clubhouse as a landing page to access all internal resources already established within the company. These include DotCommunity, Perks at Work, The TeleAcademy, and The Clubhouse is just one more initiative put in place by Robinson to create an inclusive community of therapists, regardless of physical location. The Clubhouse offers tools and resources necessary to promote DCT’s goal of providing therapy to everyone, everywhere.

If you are interested in learning more about the changing face of therapy, or if you would like to partner with DotCom Therapy, please visit DotComTherapy.Com , email , or call (844) 536-8266 to request more information.

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