DotCom Therapy, a therapist-run company specializing in skilled, web-based therapy services, leads the industry with the provision of bilingual speech and language therapy evaluations, intervention and consultation services to school districts nationwide for Spanish speakers.

Founded in 2015, Dotcom Therapy was created as the solution to widespread therapy shortages witnessed by founder, and speech-language pathologist, Rachel Robinson. After two years of successful provision of skilled speech therapy to individuals in over 15 states and 4 countries, DotCom Therapy expanded to include provision of Spanish bilingual services.  This expansion comes a year after successful pilots and implementation of occupational therapy, mental health services and the the implementation of an ambassador team.

The DotCom Therapy team reports that, eight weeks into provision of bilingual services, 60% of active states with DotCom utilize the services.

"I believe the launch of these services has been so successful because we have an amazing bilingual therapist team in place, and we are able to get them to schools that have reported never being able to fill this crucial need. The provision of on-demand language and articulation evaluations, consistent intervention and consultation have been the three largest bilingual areas used by our districts, thus far. Being a company run by therapists, we are well aware of the critical therapist shortage particularly when looking at English-Learning populations. We are just really grateful we’re able to provide schools with these resources and support.” (Elise Mitchell, Executive Director of DotCom Therapy)

Exceptionally effective therapy services are provided over an encrypted, web-based platform which allows DotCom Therapy the opportunity to remove location as a barrier and provide the district with a qualified, bilingual speech-language pathologist regardless of their residency. Therapists are able to access the student needing support with a simple click of a link.

"As a certified bilingual therapist, and a mother of a bilingual child I have learned to be a strong advocate for bilingualism, even in children with language impairments. It seems more often than not, that parents of bilingual children who present with communication disorders are encouraged to ‘choose a language’ and toss the other one as it might reduce the amount of linguistic demands on the child. However, research has shown that bilingual children with communication disorders benefit greatly from maintaining their first language as this allows them to communicate with parents and family members who share their same values and culture.”(Lidiette Hamilton, M.A. CCC-SLP, DotCom Therapy Speech Therapist)

DotCom Therapy continues to expand bilingual services to additional languages and other sectors throughout the remaining 17-18 school year. For additional information on DotCom Therapy services, or to begin a partnership, please contact (844) 536-8266 or


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