DotCom Therapy™(DCT) recently announced plans to add full time school psychology services to the list of services DCT will provide to schools in the 18-19 school year. After a successful pilot program in Kansas, the inclusion of school psychology services proved to lessen the turnaround time for necessary assessments, thereby initiating a quicker turnaround for mental health intervention, student special education placement and comprehensive support. DotCom Therapy™ strives to offer therapy to everyone, everywhere and with this new addition, their already positive influence in the therapy field will expand.

As certified speech-language pathologist turned entrepreneur, DotCom Therapy™founders, Rachel Robinson, understand the critical need for change within the traditional means of therapy delivery. DotCom Therapy™ Psych evaluations are performed through a private, online therapy room allowing for quicker and more convenient access. From assessment to placement, the clinical team understands that students deserve consistent and timely services and this newest addition to DotCom Therapy™ will ensure high quality service delivery from start to finish. DotCom Therapy™ psychologists strive to turn comprehensive, school-based assessments around within 30 days of referral.

Results from the pilot in Kansas during the 2017-2018 school year positively support this modality as a way to provide cognitive assessments, behavior assessments, counseling and educational recommendations. According to DotCom Therapy™ Executive Director, Elise Mitchell, "As a company, we want to address the critical therapist shortage and school psych is not a stranger to this shortage. Too many times do schools have to wait months to have necessary assessments completed so they can recommend placement and interventions for their students.  We believe teletherapy is an effective answer to that problem."

The School Psych Program is said to go live to schools this August. DotCom Therapy school psychologists will be available to work with students, schools and families across the US and even around the world in diverse communities.

If you are interested in learning more about the school psych team at DotCom Therapy, or if you would like to partner with DotCom Therapy, please visit DotComTherapy.Com, email, or call (844) 536-8266 to request more information.


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