December 7, 2017- DotCom Therapy announced the hiring of a new Therapy Director to oversee the onboarding and management of DotCom Therapists™ within the rapidly scaling organization.  Speech-Language Pathologist and doctoral candidate, Mallory Moore, was the top candidate for the newly available position. This selection directly benefits DotCom Therapy employees and promotes the company constitution, establishing core values of trust, respect, and exceptional support.

DotCom Therapy was founded in 2015 by speech-language pathologist Rachel Robinson.  Robinson started the company with a high priority placed on therapist satisfaction and retention. "In addition to solving the pervasive shortage of skilled therapists, we wanted to create the best place for therapists to work” (Robinson). Currently, the quickly growing team of therapists serves individuals in over twenty states, six countries, and is the leading telehealth provider in offering full employment and benefits to remote employees.

Elise Mitchell, M.S. CCC-SLP, served as the Therapy Director for the company until March of 2017 when she accepted the position of Executive Director. The company reported interviewing multiple qualified candidates that would fill the then-open position. According to Mitchell,

"As a company that’s run by therapists, we understand how crucial it is to provide our therapists with consistent supervision and on-demand support. We believe by utilizing a Therapy Director for this continuous support, our therapists are able to provide highly skilled services knowing that there’s another professional to provide mentorship or collaborate with as needed.”

Moore’s emphasis on evidence-based practice and passion for therapist mentorship will provide employees with the valuable support they deserve as part of an expanding organization.

Moore is a proud alumna of Missouri State University and has since provided services to clients of all ages with diverse needs as a speech-language pathologist. She is currently completing her clinical doctorate in speech-language pathology at Nova Southeastern University with anticipated completion date of May 2018. Her areas of expertise and interest include dysphagia, laryngectomy care, voice disorders and working with individuals with head and neck cancer. Mallory is well known in the Springfield, MO area for her implementation of the first Girl Scout Troop in the community for girls with special needs.  She is an active member of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) Special Interest Group (SIG) 3 "Voice and Voice Disorders”, 11 "Administration and Supervision”, 13 "Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders” and 18 "Telepractice”.  She received an ASHA Award for Continuing Education in 2016.

DotCom Therapy discloses a 97.7% therapist retention rate derived from 2015-2017 therapist staffing reports. Mitchell remarks, "We believe our retention rate directly correlates with the support given to therapists and the culture prioritized within the organization. We want to keep that number high at all times, as our therapists are the heartbeat of DotCom Therapy.” In addition to therapist onboarding and training, the Therapy Director will consistently supervise provision of services and documentation, offer on-demand support and serve as an expert resource in reference to federal and state therapy laws to ensure compliant service provision. Ultimately, Moore’s expertise will play a significant and lasting role in DotCom Therapy’s mission to provide quality therapy services to anyone everywhere.

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