July 10, 2018 - DotCom Therapy™(DCT) announced three new positions for their school support team with the new positions going live August 1, 2018. Providing on-boarding support, on-demand support, and customer support, the school support team is crucial to DotCom Therapy’s customer satisfaction. Due to substantial growth in the company, the original Director of School Services, Casey Hall, will now be joined by Emily Olsen and Jessica Zappia to oversee individual school support needs.

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As the Director of School Services for the past two years, Casey Hall has been the primary support liaison for schools. To better serve school staff, administration, parents, and ultimately students, Hall’s original position has been divided to offer the space for even more support to exist. The position will now be comprised of the following positions:

  • Director of On-boarding
  • Director of School Services, Western Division
  • Director of School Services, Eastern Division

Emily Olsen, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), has worked with DotCom Therapy in that capacity for two years and will now be DotCom Therapy’s Director of On-boarding. With her unique background as a social worker and expertise with DotCom Therapy’s Virtual Therapy Room™and systems, Olsen will positively impact the client experience during their initial setup and training.

Jessica Zappia will transition from her role as DotCom Therapy’s Director of School Outreach to Director of School Services, Eastern Division. Alongside Hall who will act as the Director of School Services, Western Division, Zappia will support schools in any necessary capacity in order to ensure effective therapy for all students.

"What I feel is so unique about DotCom Therapy is we stand firmly against a 'call center approach' when it comes to customer service. We see the value and we have seen the positive feedback we have received from our past customers, in having a highly skilled professional whose sole position involves promoting service excellence and customer success. Our schools are in extremely good hands as these three highly skilled professionals work to address each and every unique need," said Elise Mitchell, Executive Director of DotCom Therapy.

The three unique positions will focus on providing each and every customer with one specific contact who has relevant background in therapy and/or education and can attend to the schools’ individual needs.


If you are interested in learning more about the school support team at DotCom Therapy, or if you would like to partner with DotCom Therapy, please Learn about our founder and licesned SLP, Rachel Robinson., email TheTeam@DotComTherapy.com, or call (844) 536-8266 to request more information.


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