DotCom Therapy® announced their spot on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 360™ list recognizing The Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America. DotCom Therapy’s innovative work in education and health technology offers unparalleled access to quality therapy services through an encrypted, web-based platform. The company, founded by two entrepreneurial speech-language pathologists, earned the spot due to an evaluation of overall "impact, innovation, growth, and leadership.”

Although founders Rachel Robinson did not start out in the field of business, she created DotCom Therapy to serve the therapy industry she initially worked in. DotCom Therapy became a solution to an ever-growing problem Robinson encountered as a therapist herself. Robinson observes that "student needs are drastically disproportionate to therapist capacity in many areas across the country, the influx of telepractice programs within schools is allowing students, parents, staff and community members access to therapy services that are otherwise simply not feasible.” DotCom Therapy’s work is not only changing the traditional structure of education and health technology, it is improving the traditional system by establishing a qualified, accessible workforce. Robinson notes, "through a telepractice partnership with [DotCom Therapy], we are growing alongside schools to decrease on-site staff caseloads and serve students with disabilities in the capacity and frequency they require to succeed.”

During the initial development of DotCom Therapy, Robinson’s entrepreneurial spirit was quickly put to the test and proved resilient and successful. Robinson wanted to test their platform (and idea) in a location with the most extreme need. She took the work to the schools of rural Alaska, and after a year-long pilot program, determined the company a viable and necessary concept. Fast forward to 2017, The female-founded organization has scaled to around 100 employees offering services in 20 states and 5 countries.

Robinson’s background as a therapist affords her a unique perspective in the industry which lends to the overall success of the company and the satisfaction of the remote workforce. This year, DotCom Therapy rolled out comprehensive health benefits making them the industry leader of benefits within a remote work culture and organization. Offering therapy services to everyone, everywhere is the company mission, but for Robinson, making sure DotCom Therapy is the top choice for therapists is a significant priority. According to the founder, the backbone of the company, and part of the reason for the growing success every year is the staff. Robinson notes that she "uses the company constitution as a northern light focusing on building trust, respect and support within the organization and industry.”

As DotCom Therapy continues to impact the industry, Robinson will stay true to the company mission as therapist, entrepreneur, and founder:

"I want to be a visible founder, sharing the journey of entrepreneurship and advocacy for improving access to healthcare services. Founder is a role I am humbled to have and I hope to lead the organization to its greatest impact."


If you are interested in learning more about the changing face of therapy, or if you would like to partner with DotCom Therapy, please visit DotComTherapy.Com, email, or call (844) 536-8266 to request more information.


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