ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Founder of DotCom Therapy®, Rachel Robinson, have been selected to present to the Alaska Statewide Special Education Conference (ASSEC) on the benefits of teletherapy, the practice of providing quality speech therapy across long distances with the help of modern technology.

DotCom Therapy’s mission to provide therapy to everyone, everywhere stemmed from the co-founders’ personal ties to working as certified speech-language pathologists in the Alaska bush where the national therapist shortage was front and center. In addition to the shortage there was also a need for services that understood the Alaskan landscape that makes therapy delivery there so unique. This understanding of the importance of specialized services and the proper utilization of innovation laid the groundwork for DotCom Therapy progressing as leaders in the teletherapy space.   

The presentation, entitled "Breaking Barriers: Improving Access to Life-changing Speech and Language Therapy through Remote Service Delivery,” will highlight research as well as the clinical successes and accomplishments DotCom Therapy has seen among special needs children and all others who utilize their innovative service.

The conference will take place Feb. 6th-12th at the Hilton Anchorage Hotel.  Attendees will include Alaska special educators, school administrators, therapists and paraprofessionals. DotCom Therapy is revolutionizing speech therapy for individuals across the lifespan by offering specialized services online. Through an integrated online video platform, students can work directly with an expert clinician who can deliver customized speech therapy to their student populations. Travel, location and scheduling are no longer barriers to working with an expert clinician.

"We are excited to leverage our experiences with DotCom Therapy to lead an international discussion and progress toward the best practice and use of technology in our field,” said Rachel Robinson, founder of DotCom Therapy. "It’s all about providing the best therapy possible for our students, and innovation is allowing us to do just that.”

"It’s been so exciting to see our students learn and grow alongside our organization,” she adds. "Innovative technology has given our students, teachers and families access to the specialized services they need.”

The Alaska Statewide Special Education Conference is committed to providing high quality professional development relevant to the cultural, rural and remote characteristics of Alaska.

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DotCom Therapy is a global leader in the teletherapy service modality. The rapidly growing company is revolutionizing speech therapy by making specialized therapy services more convenient with their seamless One-Click Access™ platform. Located in Springfield, MO. DotCom Therapy presented to investors and others at the Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium in November. DCT is dedicated to making therapy services available to everyone, everywhere™.
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