DotCom Therapy® announces a partnership with Learning By Design which allows DotCom Therapy to serve as an exclusive online provider of SPELL-Links™ literacy services.  This strategic partnership removes location as a barrier and gives children and adults the opportunity to receive literacy intervention by a skilled speech-language pathologist that best meets their intervention needs.


 DotCom Therapy was founded by speech-language pathologist, Rachel Robinson, who had the mission to make therapy available to everyone, everywhere™.  The utilization of an encrypted, web-based platform gives children and adults access to their skilled therapist by a simple click of a link.  DotCom Therapy is currently providing over one thousand sessions a week of skilled therapy intervention to schools and homes nationwide.

Learning By Design is a company founded by Jan Wasowicz, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, an internationally recognized expert in language learning. Learning By Design has a mission of changing K-12 student literacy and education outcomes by introducing a new and effective paradigm for literacy assessment, instruction, and intervention.

The two companies partnered with the goal of combining Learning By Design’s paradigm for literacy assessment and intervention with DotCom Therapy’s provision of quality intervention nationwide.   This is not Robinson’s first experience with the SPELL-Links program, however, she worked during her graduate coursework on a blind research study under the supervision of Dr. Julie Masterson, one of the SPELL-Links authors. "Working as a student on the SPELL-Links research opened our eyes to the validity of this program and the impact it can have on individuals. We read and write every day without thinking about it. For many, it can be a challenge that can be difficult to overcome. By partnering with Learning By Design and delivering SPELL-Links clinical services online we are able to reach those needing help no matter where they live,” says Robinson.

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) recognizes the role of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in identification, intervention, and prevention of literacy disorders.  DotCom Therapy and Learning By Design are addressing this crucial role of SLPs by getting DotCom Therapy providers certified in the SPELL-Links curriculum.  "Since we are able to hand-pick our therapists based on skill and not location, we have found therapists that have the unique background and experience necessary for provision of this service.  You then add the rigorous SPELL-Links certification process and the result is highly qualified providers,” says Elise Mitchell, Executive Director of DotCom Therapy.  

For more information on this strategic partnership or literacy intervention services, go to or contact Elise Mitchell, Executive Director of DotCom Therapy at (844) 536-8266 or


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