Thinking about transitioning to a career in teletherapy can seem overwhelming, but we have seen the incredible benefits both for ourselves and for our students. Below, our DCT teletherapists share their go-to tools to make their days run smoothly as they work towards making therapy available to everyone, everywhere. 

Comfort + ClarityTeletherapist Starter Kit

Let there be light Good lighting is key to an effective teletherapy session. If there is too much glare or too many shadows, it can cause problems for your session. So, get that selfie lighting perfect and check out some great lighting tips here.

Sound the alarm Teletherapy is wonderful for early risers, late risers, and everyone in between. You get flexibility to choose your schedule! Figure out what hours of the day you are most efficient and plan your schedule accordingly. 

Get comfortable
 Make sure you find a chair that allows for mobility and comfort. You don’t want it to be too squeaky as you don't want any added distractions during teletherapy sessions. Some of our teletherapists love computer raisers, like this one here, or prefer a standing desk. 

Flaunt your Professional Footwear Being a teletherapist means you get to work from home, and nothing says “home” better than your favorite slippers.

*Starter Kit Credit - DCT Therapist Morgan Chapman M.S. CCC-SLP

 Supplies + SipsTeletherapist Starter Kit

Put the work in work-out Because you are sitting during your sessions, some teletherapists recommend using an exercise ball as a a chair to help with balance and core strength. [Plus, who are we kidding - it's fun to bounce on in between sessions]

Stay Colorful Even though teletherapists work remotely, they do everything an in-person therapist would do. That means as a teletherapist you need to stay stocked with supplies you love and resources you can use when you need them. 

Stay Caffeinated. Stay Hydrated Therapy is hard work. You're constantly on, and need to maintain focus and clarity. Whatever it is you use to keep your mind clear and your focus on, keep it nearby. [And don't forget to keep your coffee or tea warm when you set it down during sessions.] Pro tip //To get coffee-shop style froth - try one of these nifty tools

*Starter Kit Credit - Nikita Holthouse, M.A. CCC-SLP

 Toys + TechnologyTeletherapist Starter Kit

Stay Connected When you work from home, make sure your technology works, and be sure you have consistent access to power and internet. Test all your programs prior to delivering services and keep up with tech updates.

Treat Yo'Self  A benefit to working as a teletherapist means achieving a work-life balance. To really make sure you are striking that balance, find ways throughout your day to relax and take a break. Walk the dog, step outside, do a 15 minute yoga routine. Whatever it is, make sure you have something built into your day to take care of yourself. 

Play Just because you're delivering those [top-notch] services via a computer, doesn't mean you can't utilize the same games and activities you did during your in-person sessions. Keep toys and resources nearby to access as necessary. To really transition to teletherapy, check out the great ideas in this blog

 *Starter Kit Credit - Emily Cécire, M.A. CCC-SLP

There are so many benefits of teletherapy, and each journey to this career is unique. As evidenced by each of our DCT Teletherapist Starter Kits, there's no one-way to be a teletherapist. When it comes down to it, all you really need to become a teletherapist is the desire to make a change and a good pair of slippers. 

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Teletherapist Starter Kit

*Starter Kit Credit -Marie Menyes M.A. CCC-SLP 

Teletherapist Starter Kit

 *Starter Kit Credit - Kristie Condon M.S. CCC-SLP

Teletherapist Starter Kit*Starter Kit Credit - Nicole Pounds, M.S. CCC-SLP 

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