I could not be more excited for our first spotlight of 2019, Kristen Yost. Kristen is an Occupational Therapist (OT) who joined DotCom Therapy earlier this school year.  She came to this team and immediately presented as a virtual pro! Her partner district in Alaska continuously reaches out with praise for Kristen and the services she’s providing. Little did any of us know, this masterfully skilled OT is an aerial instructor with an awfully cute foster dog at home.  Let’s get to know more about Kristen below!

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What made you want to become an Occupational Therapist?  

I always envisioned myself in a healthcare role, but I had no idea what specifically I wanted to do until entering college. I enrolled at The Ohio State University as a Health Science major and enrolled in Introduction to the Allied Health Professions. I had no idea what Occupational Therapy was until this point! I was fascinated by the various settings and career paths OT offered and began to shadow a few OTs during my second year of undergrad. After spending time with a school-based OT, I was hooked and couldn't wait to begin my own career as a pediatric OT.

What made you want to come to DCT?

After working in a large urban school district for a few years, I felt burnt out by high caseload numbers and the lack of support offered to me as a contract therapist. Additionally, lugging equipment between buildings and bending over child-size furniture each day was beginning to take a toll on me physically as I have hypermobile joints that are prone to physical injuries. At the end of the school year, I began to search for non-clinical positions that would allow me to preserve my physical energy.

A magical combination of keywords in my job search led me to teletherapy positions and ultimately DotCom Therapy. I was drawn to DotCom Therapy since it was founded by SLPs who truly understand the therapist's role and day-to-day challenges.

After on-boarding with DotCom, I immediately felt more supported than I had been in previous roles as a contract and school-based therapist! It’s been a great fit.

What’s your favorite thing about teletherapy?  

My favorite thing about teletherapy is the flexibility of working from home. I love being able to pet my dog on my lunch break, control the thermostat, and avoid rush hour traffic! I also have so much more energy for the rest of life now that the physical demands of being OT are no longer a limiting factor for me. Which leads me to the next question...

Finish the sentence, when I'm not working for DotCom...

you'll find me hanging from a silk at my local fitness studio and volunteering with future service dogs. I have a passion for aerial arts and have deepened my physical and mental strength through time in the air. The flexibility of teletherapy allowed me to obtain my Aerial Fitness Instructor Certification in 2018 and I now teach youth and adult aerial dance and fitness classes in the evenings. I also am a volunteer puppy coordinator for a local non-profit and help with socializing and training dogs to become service animals for people with disabilities.


Kristen, thank you for being an amazing part of this team and wonderful resource for your district.



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