The March spotlight is teletherapy guru, go-with-the-flow, ready to step-up-and-help, SLP Kaitlyn Schmitt.  Kaitlyn is one of those people who gives you a sigh of relief when you know she's taking care of something because you know it won't only get done, but it will get done exceptionally well.  Her experience in teletherapy, combined with her unique skill-set, makes her one of our not-so-secret teletherapy weapons when faced with anyone unsure about teletherapy.
Let's get to know more about this rockstar! 


What made you want to become a speech therapist? 

When I was in school, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. I had so many interests, so I was all over the map when it came to choosing a path, and signing up for classes. It was in a childhood psychology class where I figured out I really wanted to work with children, but I knew I didn't want to be a classroom teacher. Sorting my options, I observed a friend of my mom's who worked in a clinic as an SLP. I loved seeing speech pathology in action and knew this was the right choice for me, especially in a school setting. 

imageWhat made you want to join the DotCom Therapy team?

I had experience with teletherapy prior to coming on board, and while I was looking for a change, the positive reviews from current employees and the overall culture really attracted me. Ultimately, I was drawn to the support available for the therapists, both from the DotCom Therapy executive team and other therapy team members. 


What has been your favorite thing about teletherapy? 

Having worked in the teletherapy setting for awhile now, I'm still so happy about the overall flexibility it provides, both in my personal life and the way I provide services. I love having more time to spend with my kids [and I LOVE spending less time in my car!]. I also like how excited my students get about the virtual aspect of teletherapy. Plus, I no longer have to cut out shapes and laminate things. Such a perk. 


Fill in the blank.  When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me….

chasing around our 3 year old and 1 year old...and trying to quiet our dog from howling when either one of the kids cries!

Thank you Kaitlyn for being a part of our team and for always representing DotCom Therapy with skill and grace. 
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