Let’s face it: Starting a new job anywhere can feel nothing short of overwhelming. 

Because we want our therapists to be successful not only in their direct therapy roles but also in striking a positive work-life balance, we worked hard to amplify our DotCom Therapy Mentorship Program this year.

We assembled a team of experienced therapists who have a desire to fuel positive outcomes in our new therapists and give them the support they need to successfully navigate what it means to be a DotCom Therapist.

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An overview //     

When I was approached about taking on the role of Lead Mentor for DotCom Therapy, I was thrilled. When I first became a Speech-Language Pathologist in a brick and mortar school setting, there was still so much to learn and it felt overwhelming and stressful at times.

One of the things that helped me navigate my first year as an SLP was the small network of therapists I had who were also in their first year as SLPs. We probably exchanged hundreds of early morning and late night texts, emails, and calls as we all leaned on each other to work through uncertainties, stress, and the many victories we all personally had that year with students and within ourselves as young professionals.

This collaboration and support is really the essence of our Mentorship Program at DotCom Therapy // connecting our new therapists with Mentors who are there to support them, cheer them on, and celebrate all of their victories with them.

Many of our new therapists are also new to teletherapy and our Mentors are there every step of the way to help them troubleshoot technology, engage in DCT culture, and utilize innovative resources for teletherapy.

Our Mentors work hard to ensure everyone feels successful in their first several months as a DotCom Therapist. We meet with our mentees via teleconference, check in regularly, and keep an open line of communication and a safe space for mentees to be open about any challenges they may be facing. I love seeing how much confidence and independence our mentees gain in just a few short months.

The best part? Our mentorship program is not just for new therapists.

As Mentors, we have had unique opportunities to provide support to therapists who have been with DCT for a long time. The truth is, none of us is an expert in everything, so when we have a veteran therapist who is diving into an area of therapy they may be less experienced in, we can connect them with a Mentor who has plenty of experience in that area. The collaborative nature of our Mentorship Program allows all of us to grow, which means we get to continue making therapy available to everyone, everywhere. And that makes us pretty happy. 


About the Author 

 IMG_5083Emily O'Dell loves goats, sushi, coffee, Cardinals baseball, and spending time with her husband!  She is passionate about growth and progress — she loves seeing students and therapists succeed and share in that pride and excitement when a goal is achieved and when they can look back and see how far they’ve come. 





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