Our October spotlight is not only an amazing Occupational Therapist but a true advocate for the field of therapy in general.  Chelsea is one of those individuals you meet and immediately ask yourself “how does she do it all?”. Additionally, Chelsea’s services with our school-based customers have been so valued that those customers have come to us and asked for DotCom Therapy services in other disciplines such as speech therapy. Let’s get to know this therapy powerhouse better!

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What made you want to become an occupational therapist?

I started out going to college for physical therapy and quickly realized that while I truly loved helping people, occupational therapy is where my passion was.  I was an occupational therapy assistant before becoming a registered occupational therapist and enjoyed working with almost every population and learning from so many seasoned therapists. Pediatric occupational therapy was my calling and I love helping my students achieve their goals!

 What made you want to join the DotCom Therapy team?

I have been interested in teletherapy for the past 4 years, but was struggling to find a company that suited me. I have worked for different companies and in different settings and knew that the things I valued most from my work-place were a supportive environment and a strong work-life balance. I found the added benefit with DotCom Therapy of working for a company completely run by therapists! It has made such a difference working for a company that supports and understands the joys and challenges of therapy.

What has been your favorite thing about teletherapy?

My favorite thing has been my ability to truly work anywhere. I live in Massachusetts, while most of my family lives in Florida. It has given me the opportunity to travel back and forth to spend time with family. I love accessing students that I would otherwise not be able to work with, and growing both personally and professionally.

 Fill in the blank.  When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me….

Working on DIY projects! My husband and I just bought our second fixer-upper (call us crazy). When we aren't working, we've been spending our time tiling, painting, hanging drywall, refinishing furniture and cleaning construction dust off of just about everything we own!

Chelsea Varao Spotlight Therapist Oct 2018Thank you to Chelsea for making occupational therapy available to so many students.  We are lucky to have you on our team!


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