Each day is a little different in the world of teletherapy. One thing that helps to fight off the natural stresses of the job is having sure fire ways to manage your stress. For me, that means paying attention to the 5 S's. 

  1. Scents
  2. Songs
  3. Sunshine
  4. Scenery
  5. Self-care

I rely on each of these to help make my home office one that is comforting and nurturing, and my routine healthy and motivated. Follow along as I share some tips + tricks to release stress throughout the workday. 


I use candles or essential oils to help keep my office up-lifting. Candles and oils can be chosen based on seasons or moods. I love to diffuse lavender on days where I am need some help with stress (as it is a natural stress reliever). Anything that is seasonal in the way of candles is always a mood lifter. My personal favorites involve pumpkins in the fall or cinnamon in the winter.


Songs on my phone or computer can make all the difference in my mood. I choose upbeat songs to play while I document or write reports. If a song inspires me to get up and dance around, even better!

Spotify even has a great selection of playlists based on mood, which are fun to utilize throughout the day.


Sunshine is MAJOR! As an in-person SLP, there were many times working in rooms where there wasn’t a window to be found. Sunshine or natural light is a noted mood lifter. If I have the opportunity I will take a minute between clients and sit outside and let the sun shine down on my face. It is incredible how this small action can do so much for decreasing stress.


When you feel swamped, overwhelmed, or just plain stressed, a great thing to do is to change your scenery. Step outside of your office, or your house. Take a walk to the mailbox, sit on the back porch. Our mind can gain perspective when we change our environment. The world is a big place and by leaving our office our brains are reminded that what we are dealing with at that moment is just that, a moment.


For a fellow teletherapist, Stefani, managing stress means taking care of yourself first and foremost. For Stefani, this means doing one nice thing for herself everyday to release stress. She makes sure to verbalize it (to herself or someone else), so that she can be sure to acknowledge the treat and make it meaningful.

For others, self-care could be taking an hour break everyday for a walk,  yoga class, or time to read a book. It could mean making delicious and healthy choices for lunch everyday, or treating yourself to a massage at the end of the week. When you feel stressed, make sure to push the pause button and give yourself space to get what you need.

Working as a teletherapist can be stressful, but that stress can be eliminated or lessened by building things into your daily routine that bring you moments of joy and moments of calm.

In order to take care of others, you must be able to first take care of yourself.

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Kristie Condon, M.S., CCC-SLP 


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