The holiday season is approaching and I can’t wait to have a break from my caseload to refresh and rejuvenate for the next semester. I’ll admit, I’m pretty spoiled in my job with the ability to stay home and have extra time with my family, but every now and then, a break is still a very welcomed treat.

I am the type of person who starts holiday shopping in July. You read that correctly..July. I try to be done by Thanksgiving so I can focus on the memories of the season instead of fighting the lines in Target.

For those of you who didn't get your holiday shopping done before Independence Day, I wanted to save you a little time. I love finding the perfect gifts for family and friends but when it comes to the things that I would find useful as a teletherapist, this is the ultimate teletherapist holiday gift guide:

A sit to stand desk

The ability to provide therapy sitting and standing would make any therapist jump for joy. If you’re a DotCom Therapy employee, check out the Clubhouse for a discount on Varidesk Products. 

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Gift Cards for Boom Cards

Attention all school professionals! Teachers, therapists (teletherapy or brick and mortar), etc. these little decks made by other professionals are wonderful and easy to implement. When you give the gift of Boom Cards, you also give the gift of time. I love the decks by The Whimsical Word, Inc. or this one with directions to make cookies created by TeleTalk SLP.


A Document Camera

For the most part, I would say 90% of my materials are stored on my desktop, but in those moments I want to use something non-digital, a document camera is a must. Buy a quality doc cam for the teletherapist in your life, and make all their material sharing dreams come true. I recommend this one. 


One of my favorite accessories is my trackpad.  It allows me to click and scroll without a sound!  Let your fingertips swipe silently, so your students aren’t distracted by the sounds of clicking.  Added bonus...your wrists will thank you, as you are likely to have much less wrist fatigue! Find great options here for Mac users and for PC users. 


We certainly love our advances in technology, but sometimes our old computers need a little “adapting” to keep up until we can invest in a new computer.  Many new computers are equipped only with USB-C ports, and it’s looking like that type of port is going to be the universal port soon. Consider asking for a few of these in your stocking to keep your USB-A external webcams, headphones, external monitors, etc. in the game! Find them here!

Bike Desk

How about those fitness lovers? Flexispot makes this all in one Bike Desk to keep you active throughout the day! I bet it does wonders for your posture too.


There you have it, the top 6 gifts that teletherapists are craving this season! If you know a teletherapist, this is your (not-so) subtle hint to get those gifts checked off your list.

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Morgan Chapman, MS CCC-SLP // Morgan believes that a little bit of boldness goes a long way. Wife to GI Joel (blind date over tacos turned into marriage) and mother to daughter, Waverlee (with another on the way), Morgan is a full time speech teletherapist who enjoys professionally blogging from the comfort of her vintage camper office

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