A letter to DotCom Therapy teletherapists.

Thank you.

Thank you for embracing change. For not letting fear stop you from choosing something different.

Thank you for believing in DotCom Therapy and for putting students first.

Thank you for understanding the importance of therapy and for making therapy possible for everyone, everywhere.

Thank you for logging in and getting to work.

Thank you for laughing.

Thank you for sharing your successes and your moments of joy.

Thank you for caring.

Thank you for being role models, friends, inspirations, teachers, and therapists.

Thank you for being innovative and creative and brave and kind.

Thank you for choosing to put people first.

Thank you for taking care of yourself while still taking care of everyone else.

Thank you for being mothers, fathers, adventurers, readers, writers, travelers, movie goers, shoppers, Netflix watchers, and lifelong learners.

It is because of you that we get to change the world.

You are the reason our mission is possible. Making therapy available for everyone, everywhere is no easy task, but we absolutely could not do it without you.

You are appreciated beyond measure.


Thank you for being a part of our family,

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