For International Women's Day 2019, we wanted to take time to honor the incredible women who have made a lasting impact on our lives.

As a female-founded company operating in a woman-dominated industry, it's so important [+ fun] to take time to appreciate the powerful femininity pushing us to be our very very best. 


Misty Copeland.
Ballerina + Barrier Breaker

[Ali | DCT Office Manager]

I absolutely love Misty Copeland and her story.  She came from a broken home, started dancing late, and was told she would never make it in the professional ballet world.  Now, she is inspiring people everywhere because she broke all barriers in her way to become the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer at American Ballet Theater.  I love her not only because I am a dancer, but because she proves that hard work and determination can get you anywhere.  

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Kathleen Jo Gallagher.
Glass half full class leader

[Keegan | DCT Therapist] 

My mom is my greatest inspiration because of her superhero level strength, genius, and kindness. She started college when I was 2 and my brother was 6, and was valedictorian of her nursing class. She then put herself through graduate school to become an FNP while raising us on her own. Despite working a long career in a draining, but rewarding field, she always shows up with a smile and is able to point out the positive in any situation. When work, parenthood, relationships, and everyday stress are getting me down, I know I can do better because my mom always did better. 




Joanna Gaines. 
Home + life improver.

[Andee | DCT Clinical Manager]

Beyond anyone else, I am most inspired by Joanna Gaines.  Although I love her design style, Joanna has taught me "core" values that I attempt to practice in my everyday life.  She inspires me with her strong faith and her belief that simple is....better.  I soak up every word in her magazine and books, completely inspired by her ability to reflect on her own failings, insecurities and weaknesses.  I love how she's taught me to shut out the noise of the world, and turn inward, towards what matters most.  ONE day...I'll get to Waco, where I imagine I'll be eating a scone, and she'll walk up behind me, and smile.  

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Jackie Young.
Lifelong learner + Career Inspiration

[Rachel | DCT Therapist] 

My biggest inspiration is my mom, Jackie. She returned to college when I was ten. After attending a nearby university for two years, she decided to follow her dream and become a Speech Pathologist. For four years, she drove to Springfield from Joplin (1.5 hours each way) everyday until she graduated. She never gave up. It is because of her that I became an SLP. 
Denise Mills.
 Mother of dragons two boys + #1 fan

[Chase | DCT Director of finance + operations] 

Tasked with raising two [very rowdy] boys on her own, my mother not only worked 60-70 hours a week, she still made it to every single sporting, academic, or social event for my brother and me. She lived selflessly and provided for us on her own. She supported us, encouraged us, and taught us to work hard and be kind. 

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Dr. Colleen Kraft.
Innovative Leader + Innovation Advocate

[Elise | DCT Executive director] 

I am so inspired by American Academy of Pediatrics President Dr. Colleen Kraft.  Not only is she an incredible supporter of DotCom Therapy, she also advocates for the utilization of innovation to help children gain access to the services they need.  I respect her unwavering dedication to pediatrics and the overall field of medical services. 
Caroline "ma" Ingalls.
Prairie Homemaker + Original self care guru

[Morgan | DCT Therapist]

One of my greatest inspirations is Caroline "Ma" Ingalls. She understood the importance of education for her daughters in a time when women were not expected to be educated. She understood the power of self image, enforced modesty and ethics in her home, and made all her food from scratch.
Gerri Mack.
Business + Possibility Creator

[Rachel | DCT Founder]

My mother started her own clothing company when I was in kindergarten. With three kids under three she didn’t let that stop her from scaling the company into an internationally known brand. Throughout the good & the bad she taught me that you can do anything & face the bad times with laughter. She taught me to be compassionate for others, to lead with love, and that all things are possible if you are willing to roll up your sleeves. 
Plus, she organizes an annual Valentine's Day card, including this Wes Anderson-inspired shoot from last year. What's not to love?! 
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Corrie Ten Boom. 
Hate fighter + Love Spreader

[Liesl | Clinical Manager]

My whole life, I have been inspired by Corrie Ten Boom. During World War II, Corrie and members of her family were involved in resistance efforts against the Nazis in Holland, coordinating efforts to hide and evacuate Jews.  She survived arrest, abuse, and imprisonment in a concentration camp, watching her sister die of starvation and neglect while imprisoned. What is most remarkable about Corrie is her life after the war.  Despite the harsh and brutal treatment she had received, she spent her life caring for others and traveling the world sharing a message of love, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
Téa Leoni.
Madam Problem Solver + Madam Secretary  


Téa Leoni plays Elizabeth McCord on the CBS Political Drama Series Madam Secretary.  Her character exudes such confidence and extraordinary ability to handle conflict under pressure.  She is quite an influential actor and so inspiring to watch in this particular role. 
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Storyteller +Stereotype dispeller

[Lauren | DCT Creative Director] 

When I first heard Adichie's TED Talk, I knew I had made a friend. Even though she is a friend who doesn't know I exist, I am so happy to know she does. Adichie believes in the power of stories. She believes in the power of many voices and the power of authentic voices telling their own unique stories. Adichie warns others against the dangers of the "single story" and advocates for ownership of one's incredibly one-of-a-kind identity. She encourages us to use our voice and to speak loudly and proudly. And that's so rad.

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 Jill Oswalt.
Bright shiny Yogi

[Emily | DCT Director of Account Management]

My mother, my greatest inspiration, had a very difficult childhood. After losing her own mother to suicide at a young age, my mom found the strength to pull through and start her own business, and raise a family of her own while maintaining a beautiful relationship with my father for 40 years. Despite her tragic past, my mother leads with love and supports + helps anyone she meets. She received her yoga certification when she was 60 and now teaches several classes a week. Additionally, she does part-time SLP work and writes grants and teaches for the university. She is such a powerful reminder of the importance of positivity and kindness.

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Pam Ackley.
The Rock.

[Vanessa | DCT Therapist]

A woman who has inspired me my entire life is my mom, Pam Ackley.  Almost 30 years ago, my family's life was forever changed when my father was killed on the way to work by a drunk driver.  My 44 year-old mom was left to care for, and raise, three daughters on her own.  I was a junior in high school, my older sister was in college, and my younger sister was in 3rd grade. I still remember driving home from the hospital that day and worrying about our future.  My mom was left to mourn the loss of her beloved husband, comfort us in our pain, and take over all responsibilities. 
With strength and love, she helped us through three memorial services, in three separate states, for my dad.  With strength and love, she faced the man in court who killed my dad.  With strength and love, she eventually forgave the man for what he had done. With strength and love, she raised three daughters, supported us through college, and walked us down the aisle when we got married.  My sisters and I have grown into the women we are today because of my mom's faith, hope, strength, compassion, love, patience, and encouragement.
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Erica Peterson.
Remote CHeerleader + Mom Hero

[Randi | DCT Account Manager]

The mission of Moms Can & Co (and Erica's) is to help women [moms] grow professionally and find remote work to help improve the ever-demanding balancing act of motherhood and chasing your career dreams. [I'm the wife of a football coach, and it's a crazy industry where we move wherever the job is for my husband. In football families, the wives' career ambitions often take a backseat, so the ability to work remotely is a perfect solution.] I'm grateful for people like Erica - working to connect talented women with professional development opportunities and remote work.

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Rachel Robinson.
Therapy innovator + Therapist Supporter

[DCT team]

The entire team is constantly inspired by our fearless founder, Rachel Robinson. Rachel's vision and mission shape our daily work and her steadfast leadership empowers all of us to love the work we are doing. Rachel leads with compassion, creativity and courage. She pushes the limits to disrupt the norm and encourages each of us to think bigger and do better. We are so grateful to work for the vision and mission of such an intelligent and kind woman. 

"Thank you Rachel Robinson for loving therapists the way you do!" [Emily | DCT Therapist] 

"What a blessing it is to work for DCT!  Thank you Rachel for being an amazing leader.  Thank you for pursuing your vision and opening the door for all of us to walk alongside you." [Kathy | DCT Therapist]







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