One of our favorite aspects of teletherapy is the ability to offer services to everyone, everywhere.

But an added bonus?

Our incredible DCT therapists get to provide those amazing services from everywhere.

We get so excited about all the places our therapists work from, because each location represents the diversity, passion, and heart of our therapists. Join us as we celebrate all the therapists who make teletherapy possible, and the amazing places they choose to work from. (This is an extension of our DCT Flag program. Check that one out here!) 

I started my teletherapy journey in a corner.

I set up a temporary wall, added my DotCom Therapy poster, and dipped a toe into the pool of teletherapy. Fast forward two years and you can now find me fearlessly cannonballing into the teletherapy world every week day. Gone are the days of teletherapy in a corner, where I pulled a desk out from my bedroom wall to provide services, and gone are the days of my timid tip-toe into teletherapy.

Instead, I am now a veteran teletherapist and I have a one-of-a-kind space to deliver my sessions from. Teletherapy allows you to take a very minimal approach with maximal results no matter where services are provided. So, even though my little corner would have served me just fine, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to turn a vintage camper into my teletherapy office.

Come inside and take a peek inside my teletherapy office!  

Vintage Camper Office

THE inspiration

I have to start by saying that my vintage-camper-office was a joint effort. My mom gets much of the credit as it was her project before it was mine, and we both share a love for vintage color schemes and decor. I added a little paint to the kitchen cabinets where I store craft and sewing supplies, and the custom cushion covers, curtains and pillows were completed by my Grandma, the original inspiration for all things crafty around here.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.19.22 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.17.51 PM














THE office

For my office, I wanted to keep a sense of professionalism but aslo maintain a space for my own style to come through! I used the original camper bedroom and opened it up for great space with optimal storage. I added a buffalo check accent wall, chalkboard green paint, gold accents and Shibori dyed curtains to tie it all together. I also wanted to create some storage to keep my teletherapy resources close on hand. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.39.43 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.39.51 PM

The Supplies

Even though I am a teletherapist, I still use classroom materials, such as a pocket chart, from my earlier days in speech. [Really, I utilize all the materials I’ve used from the start of my career.]  I've found some good places to have these things on hand nearby. With a document camera by my side and my small library, language goals are easily targeted and students are engaged as we explore together. I pull items from my camper-craft-area for certain speech tasks in addition to utilizing materials specifically created for telepractice. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 6.20.17 PM

The beauty of a mobile office is I have the ability to take it wherever I want. For now though, I’m happy to be right beside my home. Most afternoons I clock out, walk 20-feet to my front door and find my kiddo and dogs waiting for me.

The commute is short. The work is rewarding. The community is incredibly warm.

So, as I start to find some fall accessories to prepare my camper, I am loving my current season in life, having planted seeds and now watching my teletherapy fruit grow. 


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