One thing we LOVE about teletherapy is the way it connects all of us - no matter where we are. At DotCom Therapy, we celebrate every place, and our newest program allows us to celebrate all those places we go and all those places we are.

Whether it’s a team member traveling to Alaska, or a therapist providing services out of a camper van in Colorado, we are DotCom Therapy, and we want the world to know. Our newest program allows our DotCom team to let our flag fly wherever they may find themselves.

We invite you to follow along with us as we make therapy available to everyone, everywhere. Check out the first two stops for the DCT flag below and don't forget to subscribe to this feed if you want to see where the flag flies next.  

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The Beginning // The DCT Flag made its first ever appearance with the team at our office in Springfield, Mo. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 5.26.35 PM 

The First Journey to the Last Frontier // Director of Onboarding, Emily Olsen flies the DCT flag in Alaska during a visit with our partner schools. 



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